Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bedlam Days

There are days when I wonder if we're all in a super-sized lunatic asylum. Insanity appears to be running rampant. Instead of stepping away from the bedlam of life to take a deep breath before deciding how to get through the next bit, most people seem to be participating in a group orgy of epic proportions on the nearest social media site.

I enjoy communication with my fellow man or woman as much as anyone else, but there are things I don't share with all and sundry. There are words I prefer not to read in a friendly post--not because I don't know what they mean--but because I do. I long for a taste of civility and manners.

I sometimes wonder if people really don't realize the words they are posting, the information they are sharing is out there, available to anyone who cares to read what they've typed. And it will still be there months and years from now when some individual decides to run an internet search on them. The young don't usually understand how much they will change as they mature and grow up.

But what exactly is the excuse for the so-called grown-ups?


  1. I look at this way - I'm well aware of what I post and the consequences of it. If others aren't then that's their problem. The only time I find it alarming is when people give detailed info on their kids and what they're doing - what they look like. It doesn't take a genius to work out where someone lives. The pursuit of publicity should never include your family

  2. Exactly. That worries me a lot. We live in a crazy world.