Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Birthday and A Book

Forty one years ago I was in labor with my second child. It was worth every minute! Today's he far away, working to deliver mail and packages. And I miss him. Happy Birthday, Tony!

Today is also the release of my holiday story, Yule Be Ours! I hope you'll click on the book cover to check it out! I love this book cover--it's so cheery and happy! So is the story.

And finally, tomorrow I'll start posting my annual Christmas memories series. Many of you are familiar with them, some aren't. I was considering not posting them this year, but after an informal survey, decided to post after all. So check in often from tomorrow through Christmas!



  1. Oh Anny!!! I love the cover! So cool! Congrats and I am on this like white on rice!

  2. I love the cover too. It's fun and flirty. Going to grab my copy. :)

    Congrats and Happy B-day to your son.