Monday, April 2, 2012


Cancer. There are few words that have the bowel-loosening power to terrorize contained in those six letters. Everyone I know has been touched by the foul stench of cancer. The hunk had a recent bout with bladder cancer--fortunately caught in the very beginning stages. Other family members have wrestled with--and in some cases lost--the battle with cancer.

From the moment we are born, we start on our journey to death. None of us escape it. Some meet it with the flash of a bomb or the unexpected crash of a vehicle. Others embrace it after a long life filled with promise and love. And many have lives cut short by the hideous monster we call cancer. No one should die that way.

Recently, my daughter posted on Facebook about how she'd signed up to take part in a cycle-a-thon to raise funds to fight cancer. The response was...apathetic. As she pointed out in another post, a single picture of a bald child suffering from cancer had thousands of shares.

Perhaps that's all we're up for. People are broke. People are just too tired to care. Or they're just too involved with Dancing with the Stars and True Blood.

But if you still have a little compassion left, a little bit of love for your fellow man, then I ask you to read her post. Read it and send along five bucks (or more!) to support her efforts. Me--I can't walk around the block without huffing and puffing. So I'm really proud she's doing this for her dad and all the others around us who are fighting cancer day in and day out. We all do what we can. I can throw money in the pot. How about you?

Jennifer Stella Checks only, please, payable to the American Cancer Society Please mail to Jenny Stella, PO Box 28 Pleasant Valley, NY 12569 - you will receive a notification directly from the American Cancer Society for your tax records. With the checks payable to ACS only there is no hassle with cash as they are the only ones that can cash the checks. Event held by All Sport Health & Fitness in Fishkill, NY.



  1. I'll send a check! I'm always donating to different charities. We've donated a huge amount with the help of family and friends to the NICU here in RI.

  2. Thank you, Amber! I appreciate it. But I'm good with anyone who just wants to send it in anonymously. Not looking for recognition here. Just a helping hand. :-)