Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tuatha Treasures

In ancient times the Tuatha dé Danann invaded Ireland. Some say they appeared in the clouds above the land. Some declare they sailed in from the sea, their ships hidden in a fog bank or by smoke. And a few believe they came to Ireland in great flying ships, landing in the Iron Mountains. Whatever the truth hidden in the legends, the stories all agree on four points. 
When they arrived in Eire, the People of Danu carried four wondrous treasures with them—the Lia Fail (the Stone of Destiny that shouted aloud when the rightful king touched it), the Spear of Lugh (it ensured victory to the warrior who carried it), the Cauldron of Dagda (none went away from it unsatisfied or hungry), and the Sword of Nuada (none escaped the one who wielded it.) No one living today knows what happened to the four treasures, now buried or lost in the mists of time.

The above is the basis for my Tuatha Treasures series. Book one, Shadows on Stone, is the saga of the return of the Lia Fail, the king stone.

When Maxen Pryce and Russet McGinnis dig up a strange stone on their archeological dig, they don’t suspect the startling ways it will change their lives. The stone—the Lia Fail of Tuathan legend—is the property of the goddess Danaii and she wants her possession back. While flying the artifacts to Russet’s winter home, Max and Russet’s plane is seized by Danaii and transported to Cabhán Geal, home of the Tuatha dé Danann.

Alone and dependent on each other for their survival, Max and Russet confess their love and need for each other, taking delight in their passionate interludes even as they struggle to deal with abduction, shape-shifters, hostile natives and the puzzling demands of the goddess Danaii. Unaware of the significance of the cargo hidden on their plane, they meet each new encounter with increasing determination to survive—whatever the cost—as long as they are together.

But Danaii has a plan, a plan that will take everything they have to give. If they surrender their lives to the goddess, their futures will be brighter than they can imagine. 

Shadows on Stone is available now. Just click on the book cover. :-)

Book Two--Spear of Retribution--is guessed it! The return of the spear.

In 1820 Virginia, love between a white woman and a Cherokee warrior is forbidden. Fleeing the deadly pursuit from her unbalanced father, Lyrissa Murphy and Gray Horse Redhand enter a new unknown world. There they face dangerous encounters with strange warriors and animals, discover an enchanted, magical future and fall deeply in love. Their desire sustains and encourages them to accept their new responsibilities and abilities as they settle in unexpected lives at the Dragon Fort of the Tuatha.

Gray and Lyrissa's story will be available in November! Yay!

And I'm currently working on the third story in the series, the story of the cauldron of plenty. When Tymon Takenaka crashes his truck in the Great Sea on Cabhán Geal, his adventures are just beginning...


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