Friday, January 4, 2013

Vagaries of sharing a project with the Hunk

See that picture? That's what the conversation at our house looks like when we're "discussing" our current joint project. Let me back up a bit...

Over the last, oh, six or seven years I've puttered about on a crochet project for a bed cover. I now have five strips fourteen inches by sixty inches. They are simple crocheted strips with blocks of color. The original point was to use up all my bits and pieces of yarn.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. The hunk announced he was going to make a new bed cover for our bed. In a rash moment I mentioned my crochet strips that were still waiting to be something useful. Ah-hah! It would seem to be a marriage made in heaven. Sew the strips together, add a border and voilá!


The hunk was envisioning something far grander. My five pitiful strips weren't nearly enough. We needed to crochet at least five or six more. And my OCD spouse detected myriad faults in the strips I'd already crochets--faults that had to be remedied.

He decided he would crochet a WIDE strip to place in the center and put my crazy-block strips on each side. So he did. Oh, noes! We crochet at very different gauge! His strip was far too short. What to do?

Huh. After some loud negotiations, we compromised with the decision to turn his strip sideways and use it as the border at the top. Of course, he's going to have to add about three feet to it, but...

Well. I estimate we'll finish the new bedcovering around April. In time to pack it away for the summer. If you hear shouting, we've stumbled across a new problem. But I'm sure we'll enjoy the new cover--next winter!