Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom Wisdom

It's Mother's Day in the USA. This is the day the card companies, florists, candy makers, and restaurants count on to boost their income for the spring.

I'm in the minority. So far, I received a small hen 'n' chicks plant from the hunk. I'm not complaining, you understand. I believe it's more important to honor our mothers throughout the year. Call. Write. If you're close enough, go visit. Know your mom.

I can hear your snort of derision. So let's take a little test. Can you answer the five questions below?

What's your mom's favorite color?

What's her favorite leisure activity?

Does she have a favorite author--and if so, who?

Who is her best friend?

Name one important event from her childhood.

Hmmmm. Harder than you thought, isn't it? Our tendency is to sort of take her for granted because she's always been there for most of us. My mother died when I was ten...and I learned the most difficult of truths. Our parents aren't ALWAYS going to be there. My father re-married, and I received a precious gift--a second mom.

Mother's Day shouldn't be the ONLY day we appreciate moms. It should be a gentle reminder to honor them everyday. In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to bypass the opportunity to speak to our moms. But a phone call takes so little time out of our day. A letter or card takes a few moments to write and mail. Flowers sent for no reason at all are a marvelous surprise.

Lost opportunities to show our moms how much we care can never be regained. Love 'em while you can.

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