Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dancer's Delight Released

Word count- 196
Previous - 4,469
Total - 4,665

Well, didn't do so well writing today as I spent time promoting my book and doing laundry. Tomorrow will have to be better. It has to be, simply because the laundry will be done. And I will be rested. We have one of those memory foam pads on our mattress. Yesterday something was spilled on the bed. Changing bedding was simple, but the pad had to be cleaned and dry out. So last night I slept on a rock hard slab of a mattress. Or rather I sort of slept, waking up this morning feeling like I had slept on a slab of rock. Out of sorts and aching in most of my joints, I spent the day posting excerpts on the Cerridwen Press chat loop and checking our author loop for information about the RWA. I recommend you checking out the chat loop for some great excerpts and a series of mini-interviews my characters conducted.

If you're not involved in the writing profession, you've probably never heard of the RWA (Romance Writers of America). You might think of it as a professional organization for writers--romance writers specifically. This week is the yearly gathering. I believe it's called a conference. And at this conference they unveil changes and/or improvements for the coming year or future. It seems that this year's changes were not popular. Enough said on that subject. I merely explain this so that you know how I spent the day.

Then around three o'clock my husband arrived home and we went off to the laundromat to do several mountains of laundry. By the time we finished, it was seven o'clock. Time to fix dinner, eat, check e-mail and write my blog.

I admit that I was getting to the dreary "let-down" stage you reach when a much anticipated event is over. Sort of like Christmas after you open the presents and are left with a pile of shredded paper and ribbon. So it was a very pleasant surprise to receive a late e-mail from a friend who accused me of being an evil woman. It seems that she started reading my book.

And became so involved that she never got around to her own writing. She was waiting for her PDA to recharge so that she could finish it. So I'm torn between being thrilled that the book captured her and terrified that she won't like the ending. How schizophrenic is that?

I have to say, though, that it was the perfect ending to my day. I'm smiling. And everyone should go to bed with a smile on their face. Everyone. So to my friend--Thank You! You know who you are. And if it means that you like my book, then I'll happily continue being that Evil Woman!



  1. ?Delightfully evil, would work I suppose. I saw that email on the loop and she's right of course. You are fabulous in every way. Rest well...and padded.

  2. evil woman?? what evil? Do tell.

  3. She liked it! Dancer's Delight is a wonderful book and I can't wait to spend more time in the Valley and see more of these two interestingly intertwined families!