Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Part Two of the Crazy Blog Serial Challenge

Word Count - 1,276
Previous - 8,884
Total - 10,160

So this is the second day of the Crazy Blog Serial Challenge. Boy, Amarinda left me in a tough spot. If you haven't read part one at Amarinda's blog, you need to check it out first at Go ahead, read it now. I'll still be here when you get back.

See? Did you see what she left me to work with? I tell you the woman is completely wicked. I had my work cut out for sure. But I had a secret weapon. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and while there, I consulted with her on the best way to go forward with the serial. So there! Pffftttt!

Anyway, I have a few things to mention in passing...

Yesterday was my baby daughter's birthday. She turned twenty-nine. Happy Birthday! It's a sad thing when you forget your baby's birthday.

And I want to make sure I post Kelly's blog address so you can find her entry for the Crazy Blog Serial Challenge tomorrow. I e-mailed mine to her and you wouldn't believe what she said when she received it. I was shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

Okay, here's my entry:

Frantically, she searched her tool bag for the special peeler. Who would have thought this mission would require a peeler? No, no peeler. While she kept her glowing green eyes (thank the little purple gods for the special goggles the researchers had developed!) on the object he tenderly cradled with his hands, she slowly pulled her laser saber free from the harness. This job was going to require all the delicacy at her command.

To be continued on Kelly's blog tomorrow at!


  1. Annie, you’re going to pulverize the man’s THING with a laser???!!!! And this is a doctor’s advice?? Ask your doctor what happened to the Hippocratic Oath: “ Do No Harm”?
    Me think you found an easy way out of the trap. Kelly, I’m sure you’ll manage out of the labyrinth containing a man, a big THING in his hand, a sausage and now a laser pointed. But I know you’re good, especially now that I met you. Cripes, I’m hooked to this story.

  2. I believe my last line indicated delicacy...

  3. How do you even know it's a man's 'thing' we are talking about Miss Mona. And I love this crazy woman. If I was Kelly I would be sweating it. Going off to update Amarinda with your blog address

  4. alien eggplant? A giant cucumber? I'm on pins and needles to discover this interesting conundrum. You gals rock!!!

  5. Delicacy..with a laser. LOL. You're good.
    Amarinda, a man's thing can be several things that come to mind. He's maybe holding a signed golf ball, or a vase SHE just threw at him in a moment of frustrated madness, or a black thong wrapped around his fingers that she forgot at his place.


  6. Just so you all know. I told Anny she sucked for leaving me with this hanger. ACK! Delicacy or no I'm going to be lucky to pull this out of my a$$.

    Mona, thanks for the vote of confidence. I got thrown in with two pros and THIS is what they do to me. But I won't sink. I WON'T!!

  7. Yes, of course Mona...I did not think of him holding balls