Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Good Deed

While looking for stories about kids, I came across the following site: with a story of incredible unselfishness. In a "me-first" world it is heartening to read about kids with generosity of spirit.

Have you ever been the recipient of an anonymous good deed? Ever had someone spontaneously pay your toll at a bridge, pay your bill at McDonalds, shovel the snow from your walks, clean the snow from your car, mow your lawn?

I have.

And the impulse is to do something for someone in return. But if you don't know who did the good deed, then you just have to find someone else to do a good deed for. I've been the recipient of bags of groceries in the midst of the poorest time in my life. Someone once paid my heating bill when I had no money to pay it. I never found out who that person was. Whoever you were, if you're reading this, I paid it forward. Thank you so much for a warm house.

My friends, there are so many people in need. So many who suffer in loneliness and silence. You say you don't know what to do? You say there's no money? Hmmm. Well, it costs about thirty dollars for my husband and I to go out to eat. So what could we do with thirty dollars instead?

Take a friend to lunch.
Buy a needy neighbor groceries.
Pay a child's school lunch ticket.
Pick up a prescription for someone with no medical coverage.
Pay for someone's oil change and maintenance.

If you have a bit more...
Pay for books for a college student.
More groceries for that needy neighbor.
Fill their gas tank while your at it.
Buy several nice plants and then drop them off at a nursing home to be distributed to residents that never receive company.

There are opportunities everywhere. All you have to do is listen and look. Almost all of us know the signs of distress. Anonymity eases the humiliation and embarrassment of the recipient. The best thing is to attach a nice little note that says something like: "This has been a service of the Good Neighbor Committee."

No money?

Mow a lawn. Shovel a walk. Rake leaves. Wash a car. Offer to vacuum and dust for someone who can't do those things for themselves. Put together a meal in disposable containers and deliver it anonymously. Share your blessings. Service from the heart does the soul good and puts a smile on the face. Trust me on this.


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  1. When D underwent his first heart surgery, an angel sent us $100 in cash. No idea who, and it was greatly needed at the time.

    Our current neighbor refuses to be paid when he mows our grass.

    It gives me a thrill when I know I've done something nice for someone else and the anonymity keeps me humble.

  2. Hi Anny,
    It's Sam again trying to follow your story. This id great advice. I used to do plenty of good deeds for friends and strangers. From changing a strangers tire to rebuilding homes for the less fortunate. Unfortunately as of late I stopped doing much of this, I've become bitter I guess.
    I think maybe it time to try again at least it gives that good feeling inside.

  3. All good sentiments and we should do all of them but we won't. Why? Because essentially we expect someone else - like you - to do them. That's human nature

  4. Interesting, But volunteering one day a year is not going to kill anybody now is it. You'd be amazed how hard it is just to get some people to commit to a project like this...
    Too busy you might say....
    Who was it who said someone was too busy and let them down??? I think the quote was: "I would rather be told that he was abducted by aliens" LOL...
    Have a nice Sunday. I really am trying to follow along...

  5. One thanksgiving we didn't have enough money to purchase turkey or anything else. Some told the VFW we were struggling that winter. They brought EVERYTHING needed for a thanksgiving dinner, and then again for Christmas. It meant more to me than you can imagine to cook those meals and strain our table with every possible offering.

  6. That's nice Kelly...
    Everytime I do something even small and they offer to pay I just tell them to help someone sometime... What would i do with the money anyway???