Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things to Do

Things to do when you don't have internet access:

1) Write. You have to do it sometime. If you can't surf the web looking for esoteric facts, you might actually get some writing done.

2) Play solitaire. If you really don't want to write, then you can always play freecell or spider solitaire while you think about what you're going to write eventually.

3) Write a letter to your mother or father. They'll be shocked so make sure you know CPR.

4) Eat breakfast... or lunch. Multitask by eating while playing solitaire.

5) Read an e-book. Double points if you read your own book and it still keeps your interest.

Things to do when you don't have internet OR power.

1) Open the blinds. Yes, that's real daylight out there. Who knew that it was light during the day?

2) Take a shower. Quick before the hot water runs out because the thermostat doesn't work without electricity.

3) Get dressed. When the temperature drops because of the non-working heater thermostat, you'll be warm.

4) Outline all your works in progress. Before the computer and typewriter, writers actually wrote by hand using a pen or pencil and a pad of paper. Shockingly, this still works.

5) Call your friends to inform them that you don't have any power. Extra points if you wake them up to share the news.

Tomorrow is another day. Sigh.



  1. what is going on? Everyone seemed to be having internet problems today...I think it's a conspiracy

  2. I have electricity and power... and caller ID. Going back to bed without answering. Heh.

  3. Down here we usually get ice storms and it's a long running joke about how the minute anyone sees ice the power goes out.

  4. Me too. Me too...holding my hand up! My internet has been completely WONKY!!! GRRRRR, The universe is soooo messing with me and I'm sick of it.

  5. Glad you're back online where you belong!

  6. I've been gone all morning, but mine seems to be working. But an hour south, the phone lines are all down! The dr's office was complaining they couldn't communicate with the other offices!

  7. Guess the wind got you. It missed my block but a huge tree was down in the next one. Sure hope it's fixed soon. It's cold!