Friday, October 17, 2008

What's for dinner?

I need a chef. There are two things in life that I would hire somebody to do if I had the money. One is the laundry. The other is cooking. Except for making bread, I'm not really interested in cooking. Period. Ever.

I know how to cook. I just don't like it. So it's especially irritating when I hit a point in my life where I have to plan meals. Eat veggies. Cook breakfast. Ick.

I have a friend who plans her meals by the week. She keeps track of every meal on a calendar. She could tell you what she ate last year on March 19th. I can't tell you what we had for dinner three days ago. Organized I am not.

My idea of a great dinner is something I can cook in one pot. Stew. Chili. Spaghetti comes close because that takes two pots. Dishes aren't my favorite chore either so anything I can cook in one pot is better than anything that takes two pots.

The other problem with cooking is that you have to shop for food. I'm not real big on shopping--especially grocery shopping. First you have to make a list. Then you have to run around the store collecting stuff, stand in line, and finally, haul everything up the stairs and put it away. I never was very big on grocery shopping even back when I used to take the kids.

I had a huge English pram a friend found at a garage sale for me. I had three kids under three. I plopped them all in the pram, dragged the little folding metal cart behind me and off we went. The store was about six blocks away. By the time I shopped, walked home, carted kids and groceries into the apartment and put everything away, it was time for a nap.

So what's for dinner? I don't have a clue. But I do know that we'll have to run to the grocery store before I start to cook. The househunk told me so.



  1. I can cook as well but I prefer not to unless money is involved or life and limb is being threatened. I tend to microwave a lot

  2. We plan our meals by the week, like your friend (but without the calendar part). It actually makes things a lot easier. You do one shopping trip a week, and you never have that sinking feeling at 4:30 when you suddenly realize you have no idea what you have in the house to fix for dinner. Because you planned your menus and did the shopping, you know what's for dinner and have all the ingredients for it.

    Give it a shot for a couple weeks and see if it works that way for you.

  3. My plan is more "search and rescue". If I'm standing in the kitchen I pluck something from the freezer for dinner later that night. Then when dinner time comes around, I begin to rummage. If I forgot to pluck, then rummage begins without the frozen goods.

    "What can I fix that will sustain life on planet Kelly"

  4. Hmmm, cooking? Oh yeah, that's what the dh does that makes food miraculously appear.

  5. I actually love to cook BUT I love the winter months because I haul out my crock pot and do tons of great things that everyone loves. Love the one-pot things...chili, stew, soups. Perfect.

  6. Hubby does a lot of the cooking. We both pretty basic folks when it comes to food. Nothing fancy.

    We grocery shop together, so it's actually not too bad.

  7. I stopped cooking a couple of years ago. Every man/woman for himself/herself.

  8. I need a cook and someone to do my laundry, too!