Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Ready for RomantiCon--Part Three

In the quest to get everything ready for RomantiCon, I came up with a brilliant idea. At least I thought it was brilliant. What better way to advertise my books than plastering one of them on a tee-shirt? And if one is good, wouldn't three be better?

While at the craft store I bought a fabric transfer packet. We came home where I discovered I needed an inkjet printer to print the cover on the transfer sheets. I have an inkjet printer, but I was out of ink. Since I normally use my laser printer this hadn't been a problem for me, but now--now I needed a color cartridge for my inkjet printer.

The house hunk and I went in quest of cartridge replacements and made a shocking discovery. A new printer was cheaper than buying the cartridge. A couple hours later we returned home with a new printer.

Day before yesterday, I fiddled around with three sheets until I was happy, printed them out and my daughter and I jumped into the shirt business. Since my daughter had extensive experience with fabric transfers, I was content to let her do the first shirt while I rinsed my new hair color out in the shower.

When I returned, complete with towel wrapped head, she was muttering beneath her breath. And it wasn't good. The transfers weren't working. Actually, they were totally defective. And we ruined two shirts before giving up in disgust.

Yesterday, we went in search of a different brand of transfers. And were successful in our search. Then I thought well, the purple shirt is shot. I'll replace that one.

Well, no. There were no purple shirts to be found. Anywhere. I gave up on the purple shirt, decided we'll see what we can salvage on the old purple shirt and finally came home.

It appears that WalMart is in the midst of reorganizing their clothing department and they've decided not to carry plain ordinary tee-shirts in the women's department. And in the men's department they have black, gray, and white. Oh, yeah. Those are exciting colors.

I printed out the transfers last night and we're going to see how it goes this morning. I'll say one thing. On the new transfers, the colors are far more vibrant. So cross your collective fingers. I really want to wear one of these shirts at the convention.