Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Man, I'm tired!

How is it possible to be more tired the second day after you get home than you were on the first day??? I'm sure I don't know. I really thought I would come home and jump back into writing, but I have to admit that I spent most of the day in a foggy blur. So I guess it will take at least one more good night of sleep.

Later this week I'll have some reflections on my weekend, but for now, I'm still absorbing all the sights and sounds, the people and the events. There is always soooo much to remember.

Of course, there is also the unpacking and settling in to do when you get home. I haven't even begun to work on that. And there's the dreaded laundry. I generated a remarkable amount of dirty clothes. Really, I wasn't that bad.

So, later today, when I crawl out of bed, I'll try to settle my brain and organize my thoughts and write! Surely I have enough inspiration!


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