Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reading for a Snowy Saturday!

Blizzard January 5-6, 2010. Parking lot early on Saturday morning. Still snowing...
"I know it is still early, but this book is the funniest I've read so far this year and probably will remain at the top of the list until next year. I laughed all the way through.

Drusilla is asked to take care of her niece's goldfish while the little girl is away and the fish winds up dying. Afraid of hurting her young niece's feelings Drusilla goes on a quest to find a new fish that looks exactly the same, only to find that someone else was purchasing the exact one she wanted.

The rest of the book is a comedy come to life with lots of great sex in the middle. As Drusilla gets to know Cormack, the man who also wants to purchase the fish, and their relationship sores. Kudos to Amarinda, who is a fabulous writer of books, and blogs alike."~~Romance Book Scene, Roni

"Inspiration comes to us in the strangest ways. Although I never met Lara Punches, her love of life and all creatures great and small inspired me to write this book. Some people, without knowing it, shed light and wisdom in simple, quiet ways and lead others on to achieve. Thank you, Lara," was the dedication that Amarinda wrote in her new book "Pet Me".

Lara was the daughter of Martha Punches, a staff member in charge of Ellora’s Cave/Cerridwen Press customer service, Amarinda's publisher. When Lara died early last year there was a lot of talk on the web about her passing and about the wonderful young woman Lara was. Several
Ellora’s Cave/Cerridwen Press authors have dedicated their books to Lara this year as a way of honoring her and her family and helping her family pay for the hospital bills.

Besides all those wonderful reasons, it's a great story. On this snowy, cold day it's the perfect book to curl up with and keep warm. Click on the book cover to buy. Click on the pale green words to read the rest of the review!

Oh, yeah. It's still snowing here in Baltimore! Twenty inches and counting!