Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow * * * * *

It's snowing. Again. It's supposed to snow again on Friday. And next week. This is the time of year when people start reaching their snow limit. You know--that time when they declare they can't take it any more?

The thing is--why? I get the general messiness of it all. The solution would seem to be just stay home. In the last years of my husbands employment, he deliberately kept back a few vacation days just so he could stay home. After all, the kids end up with snow days. Someone should stay home with them.

Do I sound simplistic? Actually, I've been there. I had four kids. Some days it wasn't practical to stay home, but most of the time it seemed to me more important to be safely home with the kids than risking my life on the road.

But if it isn't practical, then make sure you have the car snow proofed. Blanket, extra socks and shoes, hats and gloves, bottles of water, food bars, shovel and salt. Take your time driving. Better to arrive late than not at all.

If you're home, open all the curtains and blinds. Make a pot of soup. Maybe make fresh bread or cookies. Put on some music. Turn on the lights. Play a game with the kids. Invite the neighbor over for coffee or hot chocolate.

So much of SADS is not only the lack of light, but the isolation. What is it about a gray day that makes us curl up and withdraw? That's the very time we need to cozy up with a friend or loved one and enjoy their company.

And remember that all the snow that falls in the winter will be the very thing that decks our spring in color and scent.



  1. About 5 inches overnight. However, they're now forecasting a nor'easter for this weekend with 12-18" by Saturday night. And then again, another shot on Tuesday next week. Guess this is going to be our snowy winter.

  2. Well, those of us who have to shovel get sick of it for that reason...of course that's what teenagers are for. Also tired of scraping the car anytime you want/need to go anywhere.

    Funny though, here in the middle of southern Michigan, we've had no snow days yet this year. School-aged kids are sulking.

  3. My peeve with snow is this: I just scheduled two dr. appts. for tests in 2 weeks. I have to schedule in and around major deadlines at work. Will I be able to drive the 25 miles to get there? Not sure, because it may snow again and mess up the drive. And if I can't get there, it'll take another 2 weeks to get an appt. If then and if I can get away from the office.

    Snow just makes things so damn unreliable.