Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday before Tuesday

Some Mondays are better than others. Today? Not so much. We're preparing for an ice storm tomorrow so there are a few things we'll make sure are ready--just in case.

Charge up the electronic stuff. Digital reader, cell phone, etc., so all communication is not lost in case the power goes out. Flashlights? Check. Candles in safe holders? Check. Food that can be warmed up on the stove? Check. Extra blankets and warm clothes? Check. (A lot of people forget that thermostats and blowers work on electricity.)

Our apartment has one (1) window in each room--except for the kitchen and bathrooms which have none. It can get pretty darn dark in there, even in the daytime.

What will we do in the dark? I have no idea. Crochet. Read on the digital reader. Play cards? Write my book by hand.

In the meantime, if I don't seem to be around, that will be why.



  1. We're getting your ice today as snow. I have to admit, I prefer the snow. About 3" on the ground, 3" or so more coming. I'll duck out of the office early, I think, since the commute will probably be 'challenging'.

    If we can just get through February, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. That's what I keep telling myself ... just a few more weeks ... just a few more weeks ...

  2. I would much, much rather have snow than ice. We still have snow on the trees here. If we get an ice coating on top of that... it will be a mess.

  3. We're getting a mixed bag Tuesday into Wednesday. Can't wait to see what the end results will be. *yes that's me being sarcastic* ;)

    Good Luck. Hope you keep your electricity.

  4. Blue skies, sunshine, perfect weather. Forecast is for 38C (101F) Y'all live in the wrong place. Come on down to Marvellous Melbourne.
    Meanwhile, keep safe.

  5. Good Luck, Anny! Stay warm! Be safe! If you have power outages, I hope that things don't go down for too long. I'll be thinking of you.

  6. Be safe. I hope the storm isn't too bad. We're going to get hit late Wednesday into Thursday. They're not sure how much snow yet as it's still tracking through the US.

    Is it spring yet?

  7. Everything is so pretty and shiny here today. Unfortunately tomorrow it's supposed to get very thick and heavy so it will probably all come tumbling down. I will play my newly acquired player piano with the foot pedals, by candlelight.

  8. Stay warm & safe everyone. Or in Helen's case, cool & Safe!