Monday, October 24, 2011

This 'n' That on Monday

Well. It's the end of the day, almost. Don't have a lot, but there are a few things. Went shopping on Friday. Thought I might have a look for a jacket. And discovered no one seems to make a jacket without a hood.

Now hoodies are fine on a young person. Really. But at sixty-two, I find wearing a hoodie is a bit infantile and unprofessional...unless I'm camping in the woods. So I'd like to know who makes a jacket without a hood! After roaming for quite a while, I gave up and decided to crochet a jacket for myself. A jacket without a hood.

Pretty cover, right? On December 1, Yule Be Ours, a futuristic holiday menage will be released by Scarlet Harlot Press. It will also be released as part of the Scarlet Kisses anthology with Amarinda Jones and Berengaria Brown. Keep your eye peeled for more information posted right here!

OR you can find the info on my newly revamped webpage at Check it out. Try out all the pages. Send me a message. Tell me what you think!

That's it. It's been a long day. And a Monday. Tomorrow is another day. I believe it will be Tuesday...



  1. I always thought, as a child, hoods were nerdy...still haven't changed in my opinion

  2. Sorry you were having such a hard time finding a jacket. I only like hoodies when I'm going to a football game and freezing my butt off. :)
    Beautiful cover, Anny. Congrats on the new book.