Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wake Up!

Call me cynical. There is no truth in politics, media coverage, or the corporate world. The only truth is this--whoever is in power can and will manipulate the system so their version of the truth is disseminated. Most people don't believe this. And for those who have an inkling it might be true, most don't have a clue at the pervasive abuse of power in the communications network.

Surely not in America.

Surely not in the good old U S of A!

Well, yeah. In a world where any picture can be photoshopped, any video can be manipulated, and every candidate changes his/her stance on the issues more often than he/she changes their underwear, there is no one left to believe.

Everyone has an agenda. And if you don't agree with their agenda, you're the enemy. Worse than that, you're unenlightened, obviously in favor of hate crimes or war or greed. Nay, you are evil incarnate.

When did our ideals stop serving the many and start serving the few? No, I'm not talking about that 99% and 1% nonsense. I'm talking about concern for our neighbors and those less fortunate than ourselves. Now it's every man for himself.

Yeah, I know about the job shortage. I have four children all praying their jobs won't disappear down the sinkhole of politics and economics. But here's the truth no one wants to talk about. If we the people hadn't spent so much time and effort grabbing for more than our share of brass rings, if we had stopped and considered the consequences when we shopped at one-stop stores instead of supporting local business, if we had taken a second to think about the consequences of that easy line of credit, and if we hadn't settled for foreign merchandise that was made overseas in sweatshops because we saved a dollar or two...then things might be different now. 

There is no easy fix. Anyone who promises you an easy fix is lying. Just as a person sinking in debt must have a plan, our country needs a plan. If the debtor truly desires to crawl from his pit, then he must give up something. Maybe many somethings. He must be persistent and in for the long haul.

All I hear is "fix it now"! Well, I don't suspect that will happen. I suspect the politicians will keep promising miracles until the country collapses under the weight. And at that point, there will be no services. None. People will die. Lawlessness will reign. And money will be an obsolete concept.

No, I'm not some strange whacko. I'm just a simple woman who looks beneath the shiny surface at grim reality.



  1. I agree, Anny. It's really sad what the world has become even since I was a child growing up.
    We gre up caring about people. Now it's just a me generation and people don't care who they have to hurt to get what they want.
    And the politicians, well...they're only out for one thing themselves. They don't care about the americans or all those out of work. Why would they? They're not suffering. They're collecting huge paychecks.

  2. The thing that fascinates me about US politics is you vote in popstars. We have dumb arsed politicians here but yours? It amazes me how easily a nation gets sucked into believing the glamour of a candidate. It scares the hell out of me that the US is a superpower who has plastic people with no substance who can screw the world up running it solely because people voted with their hearts or what Oprah said instead of using their brains and gut instinct.

  3. Yeah, I agree. There is no easy fix and all the rhetoric and screaming ain't gonna change that.
    I have to admit I am very tired of the very few rich getting very much richer, while the poor get poorer and the middle class can't get ahead at all and falls farther behind.

  4. Seems to me like most people have very short attention spans and they fail to take into account that the problems created over many years require complicated and interconnected solutions that will not happen *NOW* simply because "the people" demand it.