Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Back, way back when I first started writing, I belonged to a particular editor's group called the Frogpond. It was mostly composed of writing tadpoles, beginners in the astonishing, bewildering world of publishing and romance.

One of the frogs was a writer named Amarinda Jones. Right off the bat she wrote a story duo titled Swift of Heart and Last Man Standing. They're imaginative romances set in contemporary Australia and a parallel world. And of all the many, many stories Amarinda has penned since then, they are still my favorites.

I re-read them last week. At the end, I had that satisfied smile all readers have when they finish a good book. There's romance, betrayal, daring-do... Just what we all look for when searching out new stories.

If you'd like to check them out, just click on the book covers!  

Or check out her webpage at AMARINDA...



  1. Ah, the Pond was so fun! And I love Amarinda's stuff!

  2. How much do I owe you? Can I pay in eggs?

    The pond? One the surface it was all sweet and lovely but the under current? Treacherous...

    1. I was such an innocent, Amarinda. Never knew about the bad stuff until the Pond was forcibly drained.

  3. Ah the Frog Pond, there was a time it was fun.
    Thanks for sharing these two. I'll have to check them out.