Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Insurance Bargain

Back in the bad old days when the hunk and I first married we didn't have medical insurance. No one I knew had insurance. If you got sick and you didn't have any money, you just did what you could with home remedies. There were a few over the counter medicines, but not that many. Besides, prescriptions were horrendously expensive.

We had no insurance for our first two babies. Hospital bill total for a five day stay with the first one? $371. Yes, you read that correctly. The doctor's bill was $275 because we had our son circumcised. Otherwise, it would have been $250. We paid the doctor in payments. And when we paid the second child's bill ahead of time, our doctor called me and suggested I schedule a visit since he suspected I was pregnant. (And I was...)

When my kids hit the pre-teens, our insurance was upgraded, but it still didn't cover prescriptions. However, more than once our local privately owned pharmacy took a postdated check so our kids could have the antibiotics they needed. I can't imagine that happening now with all the big corporate pharmacies.

I started full-time work and had my own insurance through my job. It was excellent insurance, but strangely enough didn't cover podiatry. Go figure. Of all the specialties why was that not covered?

Now we're approaching the end of our lives. In that weird way things work out, we need more care than we did in our youth. I have a vague worry we'll end up like the guy in the picture, dealing with substandard care.

And in this day and age? I can guarantee a five day stay in the hospital won't cost $371.



  1. We have medicare here which is the public system which covers a lot but you may have to wait for elective surgery. I pay monthly for private insurance. I walk in to a hospital, get my card swiped and it's 'Ms Jones, please go through.' No, it's not magic. It costs me and medical costs are an evil fact of life. No one can or should rely on a job to pay it. Is it fair? Nope. But what is?

    1. Average pay is so low here, if jobs didn't provide insurance as part of a benefits package, no one would have insurance.

  2. So sorry, Anny. I know what you're feeling. It's bad everywhere.