Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Roll On

The thing about sabbaticals is they allow so much time for contemplation. In the course of my short, unimpressive career, I've written an assortment of genre varieties. My stories are mostly paranormal, fantasy and offbeat.

Occasionally, I am overwhelmed by the feeling I should write something 'important' or 'impressive'. Something that readers will finish and urge on their friends and neighbors and even strangers. The most recent series I've been working on falls far short of my own expectations though I believe it's an neat series with an unusual premise.

The truth is, I'm just not drawn to the important, impressive, life-changing type of book. My true love is the absurd, silly, kinky love story with oddball characters and whimsical plots that make absolutely no sense, but the reader is dragged along for the ride, simply to see how outrageous the story can be.

I haven't written in months.

Then this morning I sat at the computer, writing for my own amusement and wrote over 1800 words--which is a lot for me at one sitting. In that short number of words, the story has lost all semblance of sanity. But it's rolling along just fine.

It occurs to me I might have been trying to fix something that wasn't broken just because I long to fit in somewhere. And maybe, I should just stop trying to fix it and let it all roll on.



  1. I like your books. Big and important books don't appeal to me. Wait, I said that wrong...

  2. Your books are great just the way they are. Reading is an escape from reality, which you provide and very well! :)

  3. Hey honey-- I'm on sabbatical as well. I figure inspiration comes when it comes. Glad you're writing!

  4. I am so happy for you. If you enjoyed writing, even just a bit, it is so much better than when you are boxing yourself in! I love zany, odd, and just a bit crazy. Which is probably why I have always loved your books.