Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Things I Don't Understand

Why do we call Wednesday 'hump' day? Why not Thursday which is exactly half way through the week? Or are we implying only work days count? And if so, what about all the folks that don't work? Is Wednesday their 'hump' day, too?

Why do the football players announce their name and what college they attended? Some of them are in their thirties, so how is that relevant? Do doctors say, "I'm Doctor So-and-so and I attended Johns Hopkins"? Or firemen say, "Hi, I'm Mike O'Hara and I attended MIT"? What's up with that? Am I the only one who finds it weird that grown men tell you what college they attended? Isn't their current performance more important than something they did way back when?

Why, oh, why do people click on the like icon on Facebook? Are they signaling they were there, like Kilroy? Is their time so valuable they can't take a moment to choose some other button, at the least? And what do they like? The cute kitten meme? Or whatever the poster had to say about it? What about the sad posts? Why do they like them? What if they were never there...and Facebook is clicking on the posts for them?

Does Facebook count how many likes we get on a certain posts? And why don't they list how many people stopped to read a post like they do on my 'author' page. Wouldn't that be more useful information that wondering if anyone read my post?

The other day I googled a bunch of stuff and almost immediately ads started showing up in the sidebars of my Facebook and Yahoo pages. All except...when I googled fast acting poisons and exotic ways to kill an enemy. So does that mean there are no products available? Or are the powers that be afraid someone will actually purchase their products?

Every Thursday the hunk and I go to Weight Watchers. The doors open at 5:30 PM. Sometimes we leave at five to five. Sometimes we leave at fifteen after. No matter when we leave, we arrive at 5:28. How does that work? Is there some Supreme Being watching me drive down to Weight Watchers?

Why does it take twice as long to dry the clothes as it does to wash them? Shouldn't it be like the same amount of time so you can keep the whole cycle going? Instead, you have wait...and wait...and wait with a full washer load for the dryer to finish.

What things do you wonder about?

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