Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Silliness

I promised my editor a little something to keep her warm and fuzzy as she's feeling cold today... She's really into frogs... So H--this one's for you! He's kinda cute. And I reckon he's warm, too. And he recommends the biscotti!

My daughter called last night, extremely frustrated because her computer/printer refused to talk to each other just when she had a very important document to print out. This is the way of life, I'm pretty sure. It's probably one of Murphy's Laws or something. Nothing breaks down until it's the most critical time. Also, if anyone ended up with a stray RAM, it would definitely be her. Definitely. So this one's for her.

I have a dear, dear friend with a sleep disorder. When I saw this one, it had her name on it. Soooo perfect. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be if it was a poodle. A chubby poodle that snored. But in that case, the stack would have to be much shorter so hey! We deal with what we have. And besides, she likes cats, too. So, hey, you know who you are. This one's for you!

There is a certain individual in my family who does incredibly dumb stuff. Incredibly dumb. After a while you just shake your head and move on because there's no other option. Such is life. But when I found this one... well, I wanted to make it into a poster and mail it to this person. Nah, that would be cruel and unusual punishment because he's mostly unarmed. Perhaps you know someone like that? Geez, my list is endless. A neighbor. Dumb crooks. The jerk that almost ran me down in a parking lot because he was talking on the phone. Hey! We could make this into a flyer and hand it out as needed, right?

Ah, well. This is my bit for Friday silliness. We all need some silliness at the end of the week. Don't forget to stop over at Amarinda's Place for the wacky world of Amarinda. Try And then pop over to Kelly's blog for her continuing Friday serial. Make that If you're still ambitious or a glutton for punishment or need extra inspiration, there are a whole host of blog links to the right. Try that one about mustaches. You'll be astonished.
Blessings on your day!


  1. It's sort of like a spa for a frog...most amusing blog

  2. I like the cat napping on files. And maybe it's something I should do: sleep more and relax.Files will always be there.

  3. Great post sweetie. I needed some Friday silliness after this long week.

    Happy Leap Day!


  4. Love the pics! I also hate it when my printer refuses to talk to my computer...most annoying!

  5. Relaxing, funny blog. Thanks Annycoo. I'm off to look at mustaches now.

  6. I love picures EVER.

  7. Love the pic of the kitty. I'm a sucker for cats.

    I totally understand the computer problems your daughter has. I have a hubby like that. He only has to think about using the computer and it dies. Usually at the most crucial moment!

  8. The only good part of sleep disturbances is that the cat and/or "fat poodle" sleep right along with you at all the wrong hours. But they also sleep while you're sitting up long hours at night. Great pictures.

  9. Loved it, Anny. Especially the frog. I'm sure you made Helen's day:)

  10. Lol...Thanks for the silliness Anny, I like the frog too, do you thing he was hopping on the ceiling after he posed for the picture and digested some caffine. :D

    Hugs, Danette