Saturday, July 19, 2008

The haircut...

My daughter and her family are here for the weekend. Today, I'll be giving haircuts. In an economy where electric bills cost more than the rent, haircuts are not in the budget. Actually, I've cut her hair over a period of years because hair stylists aren't anxious to cut it like she wants it cut. And I will. It seems to me that if I'm paying for a hair cut, then they should cut it like I ask them to.

The last time I went for a haircut, I ran my fingers through my hair, stopped at a certain point and instructed the woman to cut everything above my fingers. She gave me that look that they reserve for people who are on the verge of insanity. And then she cut it about two inches longer than I requested.

I demonstrated again how long I wanted it to be. And she shaved off a bit. Now we were down to an inch and a half too long.

I showed her exactly how much to trim. She huffed and puffed, annoyed at the way I was making her work... And she trimmed off another quarter inch. I casually mentioned that her manager could probably do a more efficient job.

She straightened up and stared at me as though I had suggested something impossible and obscene.

I merely lifted an eyebrow.

Finally, she trimmed it exactly the length I needed.

And that's why I cut my daughter's hair. Because I follow directions exactly.


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  1. I have a shoulder length bob. It's the same length all the way round so its easy to cut.

    Enjoy the time with your family.

  2. My stylist nearly had hysterics the year I had her cut my just-past-shoulder-length hair to just below my ears! She keept asking me, 'are you sure?' It's just hair! It will grow back:)

    Glad everyone arrived safely:)

  3. Poor doggy. He sure got a bad stylist.

    After years and I do mean many years, of not finding a good stylist, I finally have one I love. Yeah! I hope she never moves or leaves. She's not very expensive so I'm blessed. I usually can get my hair cut for $18 plus tip. It only seems expensive when I also have to pay for both the girls plus me.

  4. I go to a beauty school, and generally tell them to just trim it--as I wear it fairly long with bangs, they cant goof it up too much. Have fun with the grandbabies this weekend!

  5. My senior year of high school I was moving to a new school in a new country. The hairdresser and I discussed the perfect length and I told her not to cut my bangs beyond a certain point (just past eyebrows). My first clue should have been when she spun me around so my back was to the mirror. Then we had a 10 minute conversation about dressers who'd cut our bangs too short. We laughed commisserated and then she was done. I looked and my bangs were so short they stuck straight up, not exaggerating. And me, being the unconfrontational sort and obedient to my elders insisted it was fine. It wasn't. It was awful and even two weeks later when school started they were still standing in the air.

  6. ACK! I hate a bad hair cut. I do the shoulder length, straight around thing and it's an easy DO. Sounds like the scissors will be flying at your house.

    Have fun with the family, Anny!