Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why the long face?

I haven't been feeling so hot. So today I paid a visit to my doctor and found out that there were valid reasons why I haven't been feeling well. It's interesting how much better you feel when you find out there a reason for you feeling bad. Instant improvement.

When you get to be my age a lot of things quit working exactly right. A little bit here. A little bit there. And suddenly you're just dragging your ass around like a ball and chain is fastened around your ankle.

Unfortunately, I'm on quite a few different meds so it's a real juggling act. Much like editing a book. Change the story here...oops! That means we have to rewrite the section over there! So it is with meds. Every little adjustment affects the whole. One of my meds takes six weeks to work enough to judge whether it's the correct amount. No? Okay... add a tad more and wait six more weeks.

I talked to my daughter this evening. She was here over the weekend. And while here she applied for various positions here online. She lives six hours away from here. She received several replies today in her e-mail. One of them had us all scratching our heads in puzzlement. The company wanted to know if she was planning to relocate or if she was going to commute. Uh, that would be no! A twelve hour daily commute is a bit much, don't cha think? As her SO pointed out, twelve hour commute, eight hour working day, only leaves four hours to sleep and see the kids...

Also talked to my brother and SIL this evening. My nephew got married this weekend in Chicago so they gave me the lowdown on the wedding. It was HOT. And it was PINK. My brother's house doesn't have air conditioning. And I think that the church isn't air conditioned either though it IS a huge stone monstrosity that would stay a little cooler than some other kind of building. I believe that the fellowship hall where they had the reception was in the basement so that was likely even cooler. Apparently it was a lovely wedding. Now my brother and SIL have to adjust to being In-Laws. Heh. Been there, done that.

I was thrilled to death to receive two notes from readers about Kama Sutra Lovers. Susie wrote, "
I absolutely loved it. It was wonderful. I think I am 1/2 in love with Arik.
Hart is great. I am jealous of her (Giosetta). She has so much good loving going on.
Seriously, I loved the story. It's not like your others, but it still has a
great story line. You care about your characters and it shows. There is humor
*(which is great) but there is more than just humor. Rest easy and believe, you
have written another great book."

And Ingrid wrote, "i just finished reading Kama Sutra Lovers and loved it. It kept me hooked with great characters, an interesting new world and great story. i enjoyed it. are you going to write a story about Xantash, Divinity and Lee?"

That's a great way to start the week! So today is the last day of the contest! Don't forget to enter!

Woo-hoo! As part of the celebrations for our new releases, Amarinda and I are launching The Amarinda and Anny Contest

What could be better than kicking back with a good book? Winning two books - one from Amarinda Jones – Knock Three Times and one from Anny Cook – Kama Sutra Lovers. Fantastic. You want more? Be the envy of all with two hand made hair piks to adorn your locks. But wait – there’s even more! How about munching on a delicious care pack of Aussie treats? One lucky reader will win all of this.

How do you win this fantastic prize? Go to and and answer an easy question -

If trapped on a deserted island what two things could Anny and Amarinda not live without? The answers can be found on the websites. As soon as you have them email with your answers – there will be 4 in all.

The contest starts 18th July and closes midnight 23rd July 2008 (USA EST). The first correct entry drawn at random will win the prize. Good luck.


Mitch Hedberg - "My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."


  1. Take your meds and do what the dr. says and TRY NOT TO STRESS. It'll work itself out. I KNOW you'll be feeling better soon because you're such a positive person.

    Dang...sounds like a mighty HOT wedding to me. Bet suits/tuxs and wedding dresses didn't help either.

    Wonderful news on Daughter. I hope they move closer. Know you'd love that.

    Love the fan mail, Anny. Doesn't it feel good?

  2. I LOVE fan mail. Always get so excited when someone sends me a note like that. It's wonderful!

  3. You have covered the good, the bad and the weird...well done

  4. I hate hot weddings! One of my bff's reception was outdoors, and the idiot manager forgot to turn on the a/c in the clubhouse. We all look rather wilted...

    And another friend married in an un-a/c church, and (stupidly) wore a long-sleeved wedding dress. She nearly fainted 3 times during the ceremony. Fortunately, the reception was inside and in the a/c!

    Yay on fan mail!

  5. So ARE you going to write another one with those three? Hmm?

    Fell better honey. Sounds like you need to be cut a break. Let the HH take care of you, if you're brave. ;)

  6. Oh, gee, bet you're soooo bummed about missing the wedding. Feel better soon, sweetie.

  7. Hope your meds get you straightened out, Anny WooHoo on the fan mail:)

  8. Hope things get worked out medically.

    It is nice to hear from people who've read your book and liked it. Sometimes its the feedback that makes the slow trying days worth it.