Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sexy curves

Saw a picture today of some famous person who looked like she was a shipwreck survivor. She was so skinny you could see her ribs poking out. Not a pretty picture.

It seems to me that we still have a double standard--mostly in our heads--about what is attractive. And it isn't the men who are perpetrating it. It's us. The female half of the population. We can't quite decide where we want to go with it.

Truthfully, how many young women would be happy to wear size sixteen clothing? And how many of them would be moaning about needing to go on a diet? The woman in the picture--famous for her beauty-- was a size sixteen.

I'm not advocating obesity. Goodness knows that I'm fighting it tooth and toenail. But neither am I advocating the obsession with thinness that seems to have so many of our youngsters and unfortunately, their mothers in it's grip.

I just want to see our kids living healthy and active. That's it. No dieting. Eating healthy.



  1. AMEN!!!! MM was absolutely gorgeous and so was Ava Gardner and Sophia Loren. None of them stick-skinny. This obsession with having a stick-like body has gone too far. What is inside a person's heart is the most important but since it's physical beauty we're talking about here, the women I just mentioned were some of the most physically beautiful women ever.

  2. I'd rather have curves than straights

  3. Good question Anny. I know that in high school, I had the worst self-image because I compared myself unfairly to others. I thought I was sooooooo fat. I looked at the old pictures recently with new eyes--I was downright thin. Unfortunately most girls have that same mage of themselves and it never goes away.

  4. I would be thrilled to be a size 12...or 14...or even 16 again:)

    Bishop's story is wreaking havoc with my writing, Anny! I go to click on my MS and Bish demands I keep reading...

  5. Have been assured by male commentor to my blog that sexual attraction is reduced to willingness to copulate. I am internalizing the revelation. Henceforth, shall only wave my bits when interested in such activity as have no need to impress them with size numbers.

  6. Well, I'm too far away from any socially acceptable size so it's a good thing that whatever I do, I do for my own personal satisfaction. My goal is health and energy. Whatever that size is, that's the one I'm going for.

  7. It's terrifying the lengths young girls and women and heck, even women my age will go to to reach such a extreme level of unhealthiness. Like Brynn, I thought I was hideously fat during high school and college...I wish I'd known then what I know now.