Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday morning

Ugh. Why is the morning after a holiday always so...tough?

Maybe it's because there's so much planning leading up to the holiday and then, suddenly it's over. Our holiday was quiet and restful but there's still this sense of let-down.

And anticipation. Easter is sort of the official harbinger of spring. Around here, the fruit trees are blooming like mad, the sunny faces of daffodils are bright splashes of color and the yellow-green of the forsythias provide a punch in the midst of the spring green sprouting leaves on the trees. Spring.

The kids are still home from school today. Apparently, there's a strange tradition here of Easter Monday. I've moved all over the country and this is the first time I've ever heard of Easter Monday.

Sounds of traffic and birdsong drift through the open window. Later when the kids crawl out of bed after squeezing every bit of sleeping late they can, there will be shouts and laughter and probably even childish screams of excitement as they race up and down the grassy hill.

Maybe I'll write today. If not, I'll spend some time world-building for a story I'm working on. Sometimes planning is also inspiring as you work out the details of the plot.

I hope y'all had a lovely weekend. Now, it's back to work.



  1. Easter Monday? Never heard of it. Good luck getting some work done!

  2. Yeah...never heard of Easter Monday until we moved down here. Fortunately, today is a Make Up Snow Day, so kids are in school:)

  3. Damn you are so laid back. I must channel your Zenniness. Plus I LOVE that picture.

  4. We have Easter Monday - I suspect it's a throw back to your colonial/British past. I have heard Americans are quite the Anglophiles