Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Party hearty...

Last night I had a chat. A bunch of my author friends came out to keep me company and we had fun. Some old friends I haven't talked to in a while came and that made the party extra special! That's the way I do it. Come. Have fun. Post your excerpts. Maybe brag about what's going on with you. And we all have fun.

I'll have another chat next month. If you missed this one, then I hope you'll come next month. My chats are generally a party heart chaotic collection of wonderful excerpts, possibly some sneak peeks, and some general chit-chat. Everyone is welcome. And if you're an author you're welcome to post an excerpt.

I hope you'll drop by the Anny Cook and Friends party in May!



  1. Maybe next month yahell will be more cooperative, and post more speedily???

  2. Sorry I missed the chat. I hope to be there in May. Glad it was fun, but Anny's chats always are. :)

  3. Had a great time! Looking forward to the next.