Thursday, April 22, 2010


After several weeks away from one of my works in progress, I finally took time today to read it--from the beginning. It's good. I still like it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where I was planning to go with the story.

Who are these people? I had a rough idea when I began. Now I'm not so sure. Originally the heroine was pretty young. Now I think maybe she should be older. But if she's older, how will that change the story? How will that change the hero?

Who is the hero? I realized I don't know very much about him. How will I find out? He seems to be in charge of a small group of survivors. How did that happen? Why is he in charge?

What is this story about? Is it a story of survival? Is it an action adventure? Is it a romance? At the moment it seems to be a schizophrenic mess.

I suspect I'll end up making major changes. The trick will be deciding what those changes should be. Then once I start it all over...Onward!


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  1. Yeah, this is where a short outline can come in handy! Good luck.