Thursday, June 3, 2010

A thousand words...

There are some pictures that cry out to have their story told. Serious pictures. Funny pictures. Puzzling pictures. This is one of the pictures I've found over the last couple years. The more I look at it, the more fascinated I am.

So many questions. Why is the cow in the sidecar? Why is the cow wearing a helmet? How did the cow get in the sidecar? Where are they going? Why does the driver have on a suit and tie?

I love this picture. So tell me... what're your best guesses?



  1. I don't you have a problem with a cow in a side car?

  2. See, sometimes I think knowing the story would spoil it--just enjoy the visual!

  3. The man was walking his cow.

    Someone told him the cow looked exhausted and shouldn't be walking.

    Since the man couldn't carry the cow, and had no truck or trailer, he got a motorcycle and side car so he could transport the cow from point A to Point B....of course, then someone snapped his picture and farmers everywhere are now laughing at him...

    But PETA is applauding...except they're saying the cow needs a helmet and goggles too!

    Remember that story of the man, the child and the donkey? Something similar to this anyway...

  4. Wait...forget the 2nd half of the PETA comment...the cow does have the helmet and goggles! But the goggles aren't over its eyes...

  5. I think they just get each other. No more, no less.

  6. LOL I love the picture of the wedding rings. As for the cow...