Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woe to my thighs!

Aside from the inconvenience of getting dressed...this would be a great style for millions of women. Just think, no worries about cellulite or fat thighs or big bums. And there would never be a need to shave the legs.

There would be other advantages. You'd never have to share your seat on the subway. For that matter, you wouldn't have to share the sofa, either. And elevators! Probably only two people to an elevator which would really help for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

You could have the entire back seat of the car for your own.

It wouldn't be difficult to keep that insufferable worm at work at arms length. Hey, he probably wouldn't even fit anywhere near your desk. Or... you could just trap him in his own little cubicle and suffocate him.

Imagine the stuff you could hide under that skirt. The hubby would never know you'd been shopping. Heck, for that matter you could hide the kids under there and sneak 'em into the movies for free.

And of course, if you were inclined to be naughty, I'm sure kids aren't the only thing you could hide under there... I wonder how often women took advantage of that?