Monday, August 2, 2010

Early release???

Okay. I don't normally get involved in political things as it seems to me that's something best kept private--mostly. BUT, I'm just sayin', if it was one of my family that went to jail, they wouldn't be walking out after fourteen days of a ninety day sentence. AND it wouldn't have been a ninety day sentence to begin with, whether the jails were over-crowded or not. (In one family member's case, they just shipped him off to a county where the jails weren't crowded.)

So it appears justice for the rich is very different from justice for the poor and the two-tiered system is alive and well in this country. No wonder the young and rich keep repeating their behaviors. There are no consequences!

Enough said.



  1. And then the media wonders why they don't shape up...keeps TMZ in business! (shakes head)

    And then we wonder why today's youth seems to be surprised when punishment is doled out...those of us who actually PARENT our children!

  2. Well yeah. If you're rich and famous you get stuck in jail for a few days..your average person has to complete his or her sentence. Unless you are Bernie Madoff...

  3. Yep. And the gap between rich and poor just keeps getting bigger.

  4. Totally ridiculous if you ask me. I can't stand how the rich spoiled kids get away with so much. Maybe if they had to do the "real" time they'd learn.

  5. Oh come on - everyone expected the whiny broad out early. I can't see it as a surprise - it's feeding the US market for gossip. That chick was never going to do real time.