Wednesday, August 25, 2010

House Hunk's Birthday

Today is the house hunk's 63rd birthday! He's been retired for six months now and is finally settling in to the "good life". Riiiight.

The thing about retirement is you go from doing something everyday to having nothing to do at all. For 38 years he worked at the same company. But we're getting in the swing of things finally. And we're kicking around plans for a possible relocation next year so it will make things easier to stretch those skinny retirement dollars.

In the meantime, my love, have a fabulous day! Play your computer games. Talk to the kids. Read a book. And eat cake!



  1. Happy Birthday to your house hunk!

  2. Happy biiiiirthday to youuuu
    Happy biiiiirthday to youuuu
    Happy biiirthday to the House Hunk...
    Happy Biiiirrrthday to youuuuuu:)

    Glad you've got your 'retirement schedule' somewhat figured out!

  3. G'day Mr Hunk and happy birthday - and what a man you must be to put up with Anny...just don't tell her I said that though