Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of summer...

Whatever the calendar says, when school starts, summer is over. Oh, we may still have warm weather. It might even be hot enough to swim. But in our neck of the woods, the pool closes when the kids go back to school (except for Labor Day weekend which always seems to be cold).

The hot days aren't on the weekends, anyway. Exhibit A: tomorrow (first day of school) it's supposed to be ninety four degrees. I ask you...what good is that? No one's playing outside. No one's swimming. Nope, they're sitting in steaming classrooms, sweating and dozing off.

And since the kids are in school, the parents can't really take advantage of the weather to go to the lake or the beach. Actually, because school lets out in the middle of the afternoon, about the farthest you can go is to the mall. And only half of the stores are still open in our mall. I figure sometime after Christmas the rest will close or move out. Then we'll just have a jigunda set of empty buildings. Maybe they can turn it into a running track for school teams to use in bad weather.

Where did the time go? Isn't it strange how fast summer goes and how slooooow winter passes?


  1. I love the pic.
    For our area it truly has been a long hot summer.

  2. I can hardly wait for summer. Winter has been a bitch this year