Thursday, September 23, 2010


Some women go to the beauty shop to have their hair colored. For a vast number of us, that's beyond the capacity of our wallets so we color or perm our hair at home, reserving those rare trips to a professional for our haircuts instead.

At my house, we don't even do that. Instead we entrust our precious head of hair to the nearest family member with a pair of scissors. If that happens to be the seven year old, things could get lively.

I used to color my own hair, but age creeps up on all of us. After several tumbles resulting in damage to the shoulder joints, I can't hold my arms up long enough to color my hair so the house hunk pitches in. And since I have a problem with mirrors, he also does the chin waxing.

Next week all the last minute preparations for RomantiCon will also include the aforementioned hair coloring and chin waxing so this is just a head's up. If you don't recognize me, it's not your eyesight gone bad. You'll just have to check the nametag.

Anny Cook. That's me!



  1. Looking forward to seeing you Anny!

  2. It's amazing what husbands can be bribed to do, isn't it?

    My solution to the hair issue though? find a GOOD beauty school. Professional supervision, good products (the stuff from the grocery store FRIES my hair) dirt-cheap prices.

  3. Wish I was going to Romanticon and could meet you in person, Anny.

    I still haven't colored my hair yet. Silvery grey streaks throughout. *g*

  4. Ah, NJ I DO wish you were coming! Mine is long past the streaks to just plain gray. Unfortunately, with my skin tone I just look decrepit. So a light blondy-brown works better!

    Cindy, the nearest beauty school is about two hours away... not worth it.

    Amber--I'm so looking forward to meeting you!