Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm so tired of the great underwear debate. What I choose to wear under my street clothes is nobody's business but mine. Nope, not even the house hunk has a say in what I wear.

That's something that's always puzzled me. Why the heck would I wear something no one sees but me that was uncomfortable? Evidently, there are a lot of women who agree with me. See the article HERE about the 2010 Undie awards. The granny panty won.

Women (and even some men) are passionate about their underwear choices. While I understand the idea of undies designed for seduction, I confess I've never worn specific underwear for that purpose. In my experience, if you want to seduce your man, you'll have more success if you just take the underwear off. Men are pretty simple biological beings. Naked women = their full attention.

Having said that, I have to say I do not understand the phenomenon of going commando--for men or women. As any adult male or female knows...our bodies are designed to prepare us for the sexual activities later in the evening. An  entire industry of panty liners and sprays is supported by our desire to deal with this biological preparation. Why on earth would you go naked, then?

I know, I know. Personal choice. With the emphasis on choice. I understand the fantasy behind it. You're all dressed up to go someplace special. You whisper in the hunk's ear just before you arrive. "No panties." And he's supposed to go crazy with desire.

Sigh. Mine would just look at me and ask why the heck I would do something stupid like that. See paragraph three. In his opinion, underwear is something you take off to get to the main event.

I suspect the underwear manufacturers have cleverly used the idea of sex to enhance their sales. Unfortunately, the conclusion we can draw from the products they offer is this--no one over a size sixteen or a 36B has sex. If you're on the zaftig side, you're stuck with incredibly ugly underwear. Also uncomfortable underwear. Ugly, uncomfortable white or beige underwear.

Please tell me...what is the average size of women in the USA? Us fluffy types are the majority. Yes we are. So why can't we find comfortable underwear?

Maybe we should all go commando. Now that would not be a pretty sight, would it? And we'll get protest t-shirts...Oh my, can't you see it?



  1. Well, I'm not wearing a bra today, does that count? :)

  2. We must be lucky in Oz as there is a good selection of lace and coloured daks and bras that suit a wide range of women. As for no knickers - I had this discussion with a male friend and explained in verrrrry graphic and yes, maybe albeit made up terms, the need for a woman to wear undies...as for what undies you wear - who cares what others think?

  3. In my 20's, I cared, because the night might end with my date seeing them. In my 30's, I got into matching bras and panties. Now I'm in my 40's and it's all about comfort baby! And who cares what they look like? As long as they stay in place!!!

    Never could stand thongs...there's a home vid of a reunion somewhere, and I know they've got me 'adjusting' my thong; the one and only time I tried to wear one.