Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot Feet

Hot. Hot. Hot. We've had record setting high temps this last week. And when you're discussing the weather, there's inevitably a bit of one-upsmanship going on. It's hotter here than there. Or colder. Or rainier.

So just let me say I'm sure it's sunnier, hotter, colder, rainier, cloudier someplace than it is here. I'm pretty sure of that. Someone is having a windier time of it. Someone has a hurricane. Or hail. Or snow. Because that's the nature of weather. It moves around a lot.

For those folks who enjoy a steady temperature with little in seasonal change, there are places they can live. Others enjoy a bit more weather drama and there are certainly places for them, too.

Our bodies adapt to the norm for our location and as long as our weather is within that normal range, we do just fine. And then there are the not-so-fine times--the sudden punches of heat or cold or too much of a good thing like rain or snow. Then we start talking about how it's hot or cold. And the heat or frigid temps often have nothing to do with the thermometer.

I am living with some internal temperature peaks and valleys. One minute I'll be hot, hot, hot. Hair's soaking wet. And twenty minutes later I'll be freezing. The house hunk will look at me in total puzzlement because the room thermometer temperature is the same. And when I assure him it's just me...well, I'm not sure he believes me.

The funny thing is--I'm pretty much past that whole hot flash thing so this is something new. It's no doubt related to my meds or something going on in my getting-older body. Something weird.

Like my hot feet. Everyone I talk to in my age group complains about their cold feet. Not mine. Hot, hot, hot.

Or maybe, I'm just one hot mama...



  1. Oh yeah, I heard it's been hot there! Sorry! Still cold here.

  2. Hope you can find some relief from the heat.

  3. We're having the hot weather, too! But my body seems to be embracing it instead of fighting it... not sure if that's a good thing or not.