Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Know Why

I know why you sing in the cellar
where the darkness deliciously enfolds you.

I know why you creep down the stairs in the night
Tip-toeing by the clock as it tolls half past two.

I know why you sit on the moldy old tuffet
With your head cocked just so to catch the view.

I know why you wait, wait, wait for the whispers
The whispers that flutter and snarl and sigh, too.

I know why you twirl and dance in the silence
So deep, so quiet, like you have something to do.

I know why you desperately scribble on parchment
With glittery ink in red, black and blue.

I know why you cry as the world turns round now
I know the end’s coming with dawn’s rosy hue. ~~Anny Cook © 2011