Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake it baby!

For several days we on the East Coast of the U.S.A. have been obsessing about a Hurricane named Irene. Where was she? Where was she going? How fast was she going to get there?

Little did we know the true danger would smack us out of left field. In the middle of a sunny afternoon, our world shook. For most of us, it was a new experience. For a few seconds we shook, rattled, and rolled with the best of them.

And then most of the sensible ones were appalled when they realized this was a really small earthquake. In our defense I would like to point out any earthquake on the East Coast is unexpected.

There was some sporadic damage, but not the horrendous stuff seen after other, bigger earthquakes. It did serve the purpose of taking our minds temporarily off Madame Irene. After all the excitement wore off, we went back to the weather guys and discovered Irene has shifted focus and is now taking aim a little farther up the coast to say...Baltimore/Washington, D.C. and points north.

Just in case that's the real destination, I'll be off, preparing for the next disaster. One thing I can't complain about is a lack of excitement.



  1. I felt the earthquake while I was eating lunch (live in Virginia). It's my first earthquake, and they say it was the strongest to hit this area in over 100 years. It's small potatoes for other places, but it was definitely a lot of excitement. Now we just have to hope the hurricane isn't as exciting.

  2. Yeah, how weird! My daughter was in D.C. She said it was fun, but that's typical for a kid raised in California. I'm so glad no one was hurt.

  3. A 5.8 is not a small earthquake, especially if you are near the epicenter. A 2.8 is a small earthquake. A 5.8 is near enough to a 6 that I wouldn't make fun of it.

    However, once I heard that there was no major damage and no one was killed, then the humor comes in.

    I'm glad you weren't hurt.

  4. Stay safe, Anny. I think there's all kinds of weird stuff going on with the weather right now. Very woo woo