Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My grandchildren and I were discussing an incident from my childhood the other day. When I finished sharing my story my granddaughter asked, "Did your parents sue them?"

"Well, no. Back then, people didn't sue other people very often."

"Why not?"

"They just didn't do that. The accident was actually my fault..."

She couldn't understand what that had to do with anything. I thought about how much things have changed and I've concluded it all has to do with the TV ads for personal injury lawyers. Mostly, they're all about getting money. And greed for money leads to spurious lawsuits. That's the reason all of us--you and me--pay more for everything in life.

Our car/house/medical insurance is higher to pay the premiums that have to cover lawsuits for people who don't take responsibility for their own actions. You say there's water on the floor? Well, walk around it. Better yet, bring it to the attention of someone so it's cleaned up.

You say the sidewalk is icy? Don't walk on the icy part. Have we all lost our common sense?

If the coffee's too hot, don't drink it. Add ice. Add creamer. Don't act like your stupid genes outweigh your smart ones. I swear more and more people live like they left their brains at home in a drawer.

Now I know there are people/companies who should be sued for sheer negligence. A few years ago the hunk fell eight feet and permanently damaged his ankle when a defective scaffold collapsed at his work. And yeah. We sued. That was over twenty years ago and his ankle still looks like someone hit it with a baseball bat. In my opinion, he had no part in causing that accident.

But when common sense goes out the door...when individuals get hurt because they're doing something stupid, then how is that the property owner's fault? When kids climb a fence to swim in a pool--and then drown--how is that the owner's fault? Or when they climb a tree and fall out of it? Or steal a car and then have an accident, killing a family in the process?

It's nonsense.

Because everyone wants a guarantee in life, our medical premiums are through the roof. Guess what? There are no guarantees. If you truly believe your doctor is incompetent, find another doctor. Get a second opinion. Research your doctor's training and record. Be pro-active instead of placing your life in someone else's hands. Read the literature for every one of your prescriptions. If you have reservations, discuss them with your doctor. Know your risks. And do what you can to minimize them.

Personally, I think all ads for prescription medicine, lawyers, doctors, medical procedures, etc., ought to be illegal. While we're at it, we ought to make political ads illegal, too. Instead we should just publish the voting records for the incumbents.

Hmmmm. Wouldn't that make life different?



  1. You make me laugh! I agree! I still can't believe the outcome of the McDonald's coffee incident. Yes, the woman was terribly injured, but who puts a cup of hot coffee between their legs while seated in a moving car to open the lid and add cream and sugar???

  2. Amen Julia!

    I should have pursued Chrysler more diligently. Right after the statute of limitations ran out, I got a letter from them...'airbag may not deploy in headon crashes...please bring your vehicle in to fix this problem...' I'd already wrecked it and have a 2-inch scar from forehead to nose, b/c my airbag did NOT open.

    Everybody urged me to sue, but the insurance picked up the trip to the ER, plus paid for a rental. And no one was seriously injured, so to shut them up, I made a few phone calls, but didn't actively go after them.

    But when I got that letter, I was steamed. And Keller and Keller said yes, had I called a year earlier, I might be driving a better vehicle than the POS's I've driven since...

    But you have to pick your battles. And stupid ones aren't worth anyone's time, except to screw up the system for those who really need it.