Thursday, August 18, 2011

What the Blog???

Is blogging over? I've been pondering this question for several weeks. Except for "professional" blogs, I'm thinking a blog is mostly...personal. As I've traveled around the interwebs, I've noticed the formats are falling into several distinct categories.

A) Unrelentingly professional. Regardless of the writer of the blog, it's entirely about writing, publishing, editing, etc. Many of them could be pubbed in a newspaper or magazine (and that's not necessarily bad) but if I want to read professional articles...I'll go to professional sites.

B) Author informational. "This is what I'm doing....Title blah-blah-blah will be released on the 17th...I'm working on the third book in blah-blah-blah series..." For my own information, I usually check the author's website.

C) Author personal TMI. I try very hard not to fall in this category. My own blog borders on folksy without dispensing personal (REALLY PERSONAL) information. I think. Most of the TMI blogs are really aimed at friends and family--not readers. Again--I think that's how it's supposed to go.

D) Just friendly observations on life. Here's what I'm wondering--does anyone care anymore? I remember when Erma Bombeck was one of the first pages I turned to when I opened my newspaper in the morning. But do we take time to read that sort of stuff now? Is there still a place for it?

What do you think? I'd be interested to know if the friendly blog is a thing of the past...



  1. Personally, I'm looking for blogs where authors/writers talk about what they're up to. Mostly I like to connect with fellow writers struggling with the same things I am - revision blues, writer's block, etc. I'm not really looking to learn about writing from blogs. I'm wanting more to share the experience with others in the same boat.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Trisha! I also enjoy blogs that give a glimpse of other writer's journeys!

  3. I've noticed blogger participation is down, probably due to Facebook and Twitter. I also like to read my friends' blogs to see what they're up to; funny stories about their lives; and of course, their writing journey and issues with publishers/agents/editors.

    But I'm nosy like that....:)

  4. I don't know. Good question. Sometimes I think we need to keep our blogs as short as tweets, but other times there's a lot to say on a particular subject.
    I will say visits are down this summer, or at least they seem to be down. Have no idea why.

  5. Weirdly enough, and I have no idea why as I generally ramble on the blog, but visits have quadrupled. I can't figure it out.

    I only read a few blogs on a regular basis - yours is one of them.I read specific blogs that are about observations and I avoid 'buy my book' blogs or blogs about people giving TMI - tell your shrink all that I say.

  6. I enjoy blogs about author's experiences in the publishing world, and have learned from them. I also enjoy blogs that give a bit of insight into who an author is by the subjects they write about and the style and tone they use. TMI makes me uncomfortable, and I definitely don't like to be preached to.

  7. Good question, Anny.
    I enjoy something light, short and informational.