Monday, March 5, 2012

Killer Smile

Heh. I don't have anything much to say today. My mind is on some dental work I have to have done this afternoon. And you know? I can't seem to get around that. Anyway, I thought I would talk about a discovery that came from having dental work done in the past.

Most people don't seem to have a problem with the dentist. Oh, it's not a pleasant experience, but it's not painful, either. Not so for me. For a long time I thought I was a wuss of the first order. And then I stumbled across the truth.

Novocaine (along with most of the other "caines") doesn't work for me. It's difficult to convince the medical establishment that this is true. Very difficult. But I've finally developed an explanation that at least they listen to before they drill.

It seems the anesthetic shots don't work on anyone in my family! My uncle, my siblings, my mother is gone now so I couldn't ask her, but her brother had to have general anesthesia for his dental work. The shots don't deaden the skin for stitches, either. Nope.

Now the grandkids are coming along. Our family has been working on compiling (and updating) a family medical history. And that is one of the things that is in it. Along with the severe nose bleeds and the kidney disease.

What about you? Does your family have something that runs through the generations? How do you make sure everyone is aware of it?


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