Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Cover!

Lookee, lookee! Received my cover for Shadows on Stone! Isn't that pretty?

When Maxen Pryce and Russet McGinnis dig up a strange stone on their archeological dig, they don’t suspect the startling ways it will change their lives. The stone—the Lia Fail of Tuathan legend—is the property of the goddess Danaii and she wants her possession back. While flying the artifacts to Russet’s winter home, Max and Russet’s plane is seized by Danaii and transported to Cabhán Geal, home of the Tuatha dé Danann.

Alone and dependent on each other for their survival, Max and Russet confess their love and need for each other, taking delight in their passionate interludes even as they struggle to deal with abduction, shape-shifters, hostile natives and the puzzling demands of the goddess Danaii. Unaware of the significance of the cargo hidden on their plane, they meet each new encounter with increasing determination to survive—whatever the cost—as long as they are together.

But Danaii has a plan, a plan that will take everything they have to give. If they surrender their lives to the goddess, their futures will be brighter than they can imagine.  


“Well.” He leaned closer and kissed her nose. “Are you ready to go meet the neighbors, honey?”
“As I ever will be. Why do I have the feeling they’re not going to help rescue us?” she asked as she slowly wiped her hands on her sweatpants.
“Probably for the same reason I feel that way. Something isn’t right.” He offered her his hand and led the way around the tail of the plane. He had his eyes on the ground, trying to avoid the muddiest spots so he wasn’t prepared when Russet stopped dead and frantically yanked on his arm.
He turned to see what her problem was.
She was making little whimpering squeaky noises, and the terrified expression on her face raised the hair on the back of his neck. Whipping around, he peered over his shoulder as he instinctively nudged Russet back toward the plane door.
A line of young naked warriors was advancing across the field toward them brandishing spears. That was bad enough. But the enormous tawny griffin leading them was enough to send Max tearing off across the field toward the trees lining the far edge. He had a firm grip on Russet’s arm and dragged her willy-nilly behind him, ignoring her protests and frequent stumbles as she struggled to keep up with him.
“What was that?” she yelled.
“Keep running.” Max peered over his shoulder and immediately zigzagged off to the right. The griffin was gaining on them. “Run!”

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  1. Awesome cover! And looking forward to this!!

    'See' you tonight:)

  2. Love the cover Anny! Congrats on the pending release. Can't wait to read it.

  3. Ok, I'll say it. It's a cartoon cover and frankly, I think you story deserves better.

  4. Anny! Way to go! I didn't realize you were with Siren. What a cool concept - I hope it's a series!!!

  5. @ Julia...this is book one. Book two (Sinister Spear) is about 2/3 done. :-)