Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So Sandy's Surprise is almost gone. For the fortunate, the storm brought power outages and downed trees. For the less fortunate, for the totally devastated, life will never be the same. And no...if you've never been in that situation, you can not possibly understand.

What can you do? If you live far away, donate to the charity of your choice. Don't have much? That's okay. Every penny helps. We're going into winter, folks. A lot of people don't have anything except what they're wearing. Think about that. Think about INDIVIDUAL people with nothing to their names except the clothes they have on.

That's a different picture than downed ferris wheels and sandy roads. How would you cope?

And think about this--in many cases extended families all live in a close-knit area. What affects one, affects many. Frequently, there are no family members to turn to because they all are dealing with the same disaster.

When you're sitting in your warm houses, preparing for the various festivities over the next couple months, think about the folks who won't be doing that this year. They don't have to be Sandy's victims. They might be victims of a tornado, a blizzard, an earthquake, a tsunami. Too often, once the pictures are no longer shown on television, we forget.

This year? Let's remember and share our blessings. Take part in supporting your neighbors.


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  1. And think of all those people in the Carribean who had nothing to start with and they have even less now after Sandy.