Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rush and Hush

Waiting. It's the hardest part of any storm. All the prep work is done. If necessary evacuations are in progress. And the rest of us sit and wait as anticipation mounts.

It doesn't have to be a hurricane. It could be a blizzard. I remember checking out the window every few minutes to catch those first snowflakes drifting down from a darkening sky.


Everyone had a different way of dealing. Some read. Some watch the coming train wreck on the Weather Channel. Others bury their worries in sports. The nurturing types cook or bake or knit. Some of us write.

The anticipation and anxiety is normal. It's a human response to danger. Some respond by ignoring all warnings, as though by doing so they'll hold off the storm. They poo-poo the very idea that the storm will be that bad. Then at the last moment, they rush around, frustrated and angry and finally frightened, when storm supplies are sold out.

The sensible approach is to be prepared--always. But few bother with that approach. I suspect that preparedness might be too close to anticipation. It might actually draw the storm in our direction. Right?

Well, this storm is coming. And now we begin the wait. I've been busy making ready for it so now I'll take the opportunity to rest and write. Stories are waiting and writing is a wonderful way to fill time. Y'all be smart and safe.



  1. Keep in touch, Anny. I'm nervous for all of you. My daughter isn't too worried but I think she should be.

    1. I figure any storm that terrifies the weather people is a storm to pay attention to and prepare for. Like many of the meteorologists, I fear too many people will only look that the "Category ONE" and go about their business. Prep is the key. And awareness. So let us hope people are paying attention.