Monday, October 29, 2012

I Want to See!

WHY are the news stations going on and on and on, repeating the same coverage, updating things on a miniscule basis? Blame human nature. We want to see! Bad weather, car wrecks, arguments, fist fights... we stop and gawk.

Actually, the Weather Channel and news stations are providing a vital service. They're showing us up-to-the-minute coverage. Some people will watch it for hours. Others will check in occasionally. But, here's the thing...if we're at home watching the coverage, we're not out in the storm needing someone to rescue us. In a potentially dangerous situation, it's human nature to need to keep an eye on the approaching danger. The news media does this job for us.

Are they too hyper for words? Yeah. But I figure they're drinking coffee by the gallons, just to stay awake and perky. When they get too much to bear, we turn off the TV, shut down the computer, and find something else to do.

But when we can no longer resist, when our nerves stretch past bearing, they're still there, ready and willing to give us the latest news. So cut them a break. And be thankful they're willing to do a really dangerous, thankless job.



  1. I know when Cyclone Yasi was about it hit there was such a frenzy and people went crazy watching the TV and while info is good it all, in my opinion, got out of hand and the usual people panicked, as they do. Is the media doing the public a service? No more than the person at the grocery store or the mechanic at the garage.