Monday, June 3, 2013


For the last several months we've had intermittent internet issues. For the last two weeks, the issues have deteriorated to the point that they stretch from minutes to hours. Yesterday, it was down sixteen hours. During a forecasted severe weather event.

I learned something from our internet loss. We're relatively blind, deaf, and mute without the internet. We don't have cable, depending instead on the services of the Internet for news, weather, and information.

Suddenly, we found ourselves without any of those services. It was a sobering experience. We don't have fancy cell phone service, preferring the steadiness of landline service. I'm a tad old-fashioned. When I leave home I don't want to hear from anyone. That's why I go out. My cell phone is a cheapy I use when I leave town.

What I discovered was a blackout of information. Television unfortunately has ceased to serve as a source of information... or even entertainment. Without cable, there was no current weather information available. Most channels now depend on the internet to disseminate information between standard news broadcasts.

I could (and did) write, but every time I had a quick question or reference check, instead of popping on the internet long enough to check it out, I had to set that question aside until later.

By late evening, I plucked a paperback from my extensive collection and settled down to read. It was almost like the 'olden' days. Quiet, a bright light, a book and a cup of chocolate.

Maybe I don't really need to know what the weather will be...



  1. It's amazing how much we depend on technology. Like you, we have a landline. I don't want people to be able to find me when I'm out and about. lol If it's important, they'll leave a message. We have a cheap cell phone for when we travel. Family knows to use it only in case of emergency.

    We own a radio you can wind up to power it. It's great when the power goes. We can hear all the latest local updates on the radio.

    1. We have a radio like that. It's in our hurricane emergency box!

  2. A read a thick paperback on Sunday. Finished it in a day. Rarely ever do I sit down to read. I mainly read on airplanes. It was a very relaxing feeling. I believe I will indulge again in it. Relaxation...who knowe it worked like that?

  3. Damm it..."knew"....I saw the edit button but did I use it? No. Forehead slap to me

    1. I usually don't see the error until I hit return! Glad you enjoyed the book!