Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I See!

"I don't wear glasses to see. I wear glasses to see better." Remo Williams

The hunk and I had our annual eye exams today. I've worn glasses over fifty years so I'm an old hand at the eye exam. For several years now, I've had two sets of glasses--one for distance (driving and walking around)--the other for 'close' work (computer and eating). The doc and I had a lively conversation when he started the exam for the close work. I explained my increasing difficulty with reading and other fine work such as embroidery.

HE explained the 'close work' prescription was designed for a 20-25 inch distance. For reading, I need one for about 12 inches. Ditto embroidery, weaving, beading, yada, yada...


I admit I felt stupid for not realizing the problem sooner. By the time we left the office I had ordered new lenses for my distance and computer glasses and a third pair of frames/lenses for reading.

Now I know there is bound to be someone out there who asks why not bi or tri-focals? Well, you see, I'm short. I spend long hours in front of a computer or reading/crafty stuff. A tall person might be able to get away with using multi-focal lenses. But short people end up with a major neckache from trying to peer through the bottom of the lenses. Years ago my optometrist at the time (a tiny woman who had to stand on a box to do the exam) pointed out the possible difficulties with multi-focal lenses in my occupation.

Actually, I like having different glasses for different purposes. Generally, if I'm driving it's several hours for a trip. Or I might spend hours working on the computer. And certainly if I'm reading, that can take hours. So...no problem with swapping glasses when I need to. 

In a couple weeks, I'll have new glasses and I'll finally be able to read (or do crafty stuff) in comfort.

I see!



  1. I've been a member of the three pairs of glasses club for a number of years!!