Monday, July 8, 2013


While on vacation at my daughter's place we were introduced to the wonders of Netflix via the Wii. Behold our joy when we discovered we could watch the two or three shows we've only enjoyed up to now on PBS. Unfortunately, the signal from our local PBS station is frequently scrambled, limiting our viewing time.

After some close questioning, the hunk and I decided we could make it work at home... so last evening we embarked on the adventure of obtaining our own access to Netflix. Now, I'm sure most folks are scratching their heads by now, but you see we are NOT technologically savvy. And I'm sorry, but the terminology doesn't make the experience any easier. No doubt the average user knows exactly what they're supposed to do, but we didn't have a clue...

First of all our Wii controllers were twitchy. You know what I mean. That stupid little hand leaps all over the screen. Just when you think you have it in the right spot and press one of the buttons, it jumps away like it's seen a ghost.

Finally, we downloaded the Netflix app, but when we tried to go to the next step, we were stymied by a demand for a password. After looking high and low for the elusive password--in vain--I called the help number.

The very patient young man on the line walked me through deleting my Netflix and then reinstalling it because (of course) we did it all backwards. Eventually, we were all straightened out. And lo...we had access to our programs. Imagine our glee when we discovered one of them had 80 episodes we've never watched!

Immediately, we agreed we would only watch 'TV' after dinner. Otherwise, we could both see ourselves whiling away our days in front of the boob tube. It's a good thing we don't have cable.



  1. I have TV I rarely watch...can't imagine me adding anything else to my repetoire but good for you

  2. The novelty does wear off... Seriously. We have Netflix and barely watch a movie a month.