Friday, August 9, 2013

Boomerang Romance

There's a reason boomerang romances are popular. After all, women in particular fantasize about the 'one who got away'. If enough time has elapsed since he or she got away, we might even forget WHY they got away.

Dreams and fantasies very seldom coincide with reality. Most of us know that somewhere deep in our hearts, but the allure of that second time around, that chance to 'fix' things from the past is sometimes irresistible.

For those tempted to leap back into the frying pan, I would say, "Make sure your fire insurance is paid up. Stock up on tissues and booze. Alert your support group so they'll be rested up when things crash."

If that sounds negative, well chalk it up to experience. Because boomerang romances seldom end happily. Except in books...



  1. Yeah, I would say look before you leap back.

  2. Invest in a good book and a comfy chair and avoid romance. It's simpler

  3. I always say, you left for a reason. Never go back always move forward.

  4. I find a boomerang romance story with a HEA harder to believe than vampires and werewolves!!!!